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Yes because I saw someone do it and I got bored of my other 3 VERY VERY big concepts im gonna write a smoll one like this :>

Obtainment: Spawn, random fruit roll, stock, sea event(ship), factory, death king(random surprise), Shop(perm).

Cost: B$4,600,000

TYPE: Natural

Physical fruit: A square-based fruit with bright yellow and pink colors for its main body. The fruit sparkles with astral stars, small planets and various colors that spin around the fruit every 2 seconds before disappearing.

Fruit icon: An object that resembles a sphere planet with rings around it, along with multiple hues of coloured stars.

PASSIVE: Interstellar, Universal Being.

Interstellar allows the player to travel at quick speeds within a considerable distance. The player has 2 bars in the middle of their screen, below the center(similar to Human V4 SORU bars). When the player holds Q, they will travel in their walking direction as far as Paw F Self Repel, and can use it twice, each time leaving a trail of purple, blue, and yellow stars. Each bar will be refilled after a 10 second cooldown PER bar.

Universal being buffs the player’s MELEE, DEFENSE, GUN, and SWORD by 200 stat points(when opening the STATS menu, it will have a “+200(FRUIT)” text when selecting on the item in the hotbar, exactly how it does for stat buffs from mastery).


Cosmical Guardian (M1/TAP) Mas: 1

A large golden being appears behind the player, as large as Buddha Z Shift size. The guardian only appears with it’s upper torso. Upon activation, the guardian punches in front of them(On the ground if the player is grounded) twice before clapping their hands together, creating a massive shockwave breaking observation if the target(s) is inside the hands.

| Dmg: 1500 | Dmg FINAL: 2300 | Ken break: Final hit | Knockback: minor | Stun: 0.2s | Cd: 0.5s(between taps), 1.5s(after full combo) | B

Constellation Rift (Z) Mas: 1

The player rips open a portal to a subspace domain with their left arm, summoning a red and purple projectile similar to the Saddi X True Air Slash with a more 45 degree angle, and the colors of Sanguine X Scarlet Tear. The skill can be used 3 times before going on its initial cooldown. The player has 3 seconds to tap the keybind again to unleash an identical slash with their right hand, and another 3 to finish their combo with a double slash(Almost identical as Scarlet Tear). The player can use the 3 hits instantly by repeatedly pressing the key with fewer intervals in between. If the player holds the skill for 1.25s, the player will raise both arms, and when the key has been released, the player will unleash a faster pacing double slash.

| Dmg: 1000(first two) | Dmg FINAL: 1600 | Dmg HELD: 3.4k | MAX dmg: 3600 | Ken break: Yes(HELD) | Knockback: Mid(First 2), Great(Final & Held). | Startup: None | Endlag: 0.2s(Per use) | Speed: Dark Air Slash(Taps), Dark Air Slash CHARGED(Held) | Range: Dark awakened Dimensional Slash | Stun: 0.25s | Cd: 8s(tapped), 12s(held) | A+

Luna Crush (X) Mas: 100

The player uses their sixth sense to target players with their cursor. The player must hold the key down to target players. Once the cursor has hovered over a target, they will be marked with a celestial sign. When the player lets go of the skill, the player will rip open a subspace to the sixth realm before appearing above the first target and smashing through a round white object symbolizing a moon. The skill follows from the first target to the last, so the player will appear above the last player. The blow of shards will stun the targets and leave them stuck in the ground for a bit before allowing them mobility. If they are airborne it will push them downwards, and the player will open another subspace to appear above them again(the target is on the floor) and blast them with a plasma beam of yellow and golden color, similar to light awakened X Hand of The Emperor, stunning them and dealing more damage.

| Dmg: 3200(1800 if airborne variant) | Dmg BEAM: 2100 | MAX dmg: 3900 | Ken break: Yes | Ken trickable: Bypass(beam) | Knockback: Down/Inf | Startup: 0.2s | Endlag: 0.2s(takes this long for the animation to complete) | Range: Long (as shusui X Focus Shot can reach) | Stun: 0.5s | Cd: 15s | S

Buddha’s Palm (C) Mas: 225

The player shoves their fist downwards, summoning a large golden palm to strike at their cursor that can be aimed omnidirectionally, knocking the opponent downwards.The skill has somewhat aim assist on a player if used near a target. If the player is airborne during the skill casting, they will appear at the cursor and grab the target before spinning forward and shoving them downwards, allowing the player to have a higher ground advantage while the target(s) is stunned.

| Dmg: 3400(Palm), 3000(Grab) | Ken break: No | Ken trickable: Yes(grab and shove) | Range: long (as far as control Z Control Area max mastery and held) | Hitbox: Barrier Z Barrier wall | Stun: 0.5s | Knockback: Downwards/Inf | Startup: 0.1s | Endlag: 0.2s Cd: 15s | S-

Ultimate Life Form (V) Mas: 350

The player unleashes a wave of aura, stunning opponents and breaking their observation haki, similar to Leopard V Transformation roar. Then, they will release multiple images of themselves to surge around the area before absorbing them after 1 second, making their avatar have a bright yellow outline and glimmering VFX. During the next 30 seconds, the player will receive certain buffs:

Buffed Health Points: The player has an extra segment of their health bar being yellow. This is 20% of their total health bar. The excess HP can be reduced when taken damage, and the player can regain it by dealing damage. [Only regains during the 30 seconds]

Buffed ATK: The player deals 10% more damage on every item in their hotbar(including race abilities if they deal damage)

Untouchable: The player has +5 observation dodges.

These effects last until the 30 seconds are up, with the exception of Buffed Health Points granting extra HP until damaged, but the player cannot refill the extra health points until their V Ultimate Life Form is active once more.

| Dmg(aura): 1500 | Dmg(Images): 180(per 0.1s) | MAX dmg: 1500 + 180(x10) = 3300 | Ken break: Aura | Ken trickable: Images | Stun: 1.25s(after aura) | range: Large, Player Bound(Paw C Paw Nuke) | knockback: Mid | Startup: none | Endlag: none(after images) Cd: 50s | S-

Stellar Rift Assault(F) Mas: 175

The player rips open a subspace below them before appearing at the direction of their cursor, grabbing any target(s) above them, dealing mediocre damage and little stun with little to no endlag.

| Dmg: 1500 | Ken break: no | Stun: 0.07s | Knockback: minor-none | range: near (Dark awakening F Ghastly Step). | Startup: 0.1s | Endlag: 0.1s | Cd: 10s | B


  • Great combo starting and extending

  • Insane range

  • Insane knockback

  • Good damage

  • X skill is incredibly easy to hit as long as the user has good aiming skills

  • Ok for teamers

  • V skill grants amazing buffs, increasing the user’s damage STACKING with the Universal Being passive.

  • All moves but Z can be a combo starter/extender

  • Z skill is a great throwout attack with little drawbacks unless missed.

  • All skills can be used mid-air

  • Easy to use if the player has a somewhat good understanding of fast combos.

  • All skills deal damage.

  • Has an M1 ability, granting easier grinding for mastery and chip damage to use in PvP or grinding.

  • Fast attacks

  • 2 passives that greatly benefit the user.

  • Interstellar is really beneficial to the player, allowing them two quick movement skills that are equivalent to Paw F Self Repel which is known for its longest range as a travel skill aside from portal C World Warp which is more of a teleport.

  • Has 3 skills that can catch up to opponents if within range.

  • Almost not punishable

  • The Buffed Health Points trait performs better than the shark V4 shield post-nerf.


  • Nothing special towards its damage.

  • No skills do DoT

  • No flight skills

  • If the X move fails to target anything, the player is left with endlag.

  • OVERPOWERED and will be ABUSED in the community.

Celestial Fruit concept | Fandom (2024)
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